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Life is too short to drink wines we don't enjoy.

We match wines to your taste.


Not everyone tastes a wine the same way.

Your preference for wine is unique, and only you know what you like or not in a glass of wine.


That's why we created Wine Match, so you can talk to our voice-controlled app to discover the best wine for you.


Voice technology is making wine fun again.

Use your voice to interact with Wine Match on your phone or Alexa device.



Open a bottle of any Australian wine.


Activate your phone or Alexa by saying "Open Wine Match !".


Ask Wine Match to guide you through a wine tasting.


Explore what you most enjoy in your wine.


Discover new wines that match your taste.

That's it! Wine Match will recommend wines that you can buy directly from wineries.


Food & Wine Pairing

Picking out your next bottle of wine should be something as exciting and enjoyable as drinking it. But for many people, that could be a challenge.

For a wine tasting experience or the best wine to pair with your food, Wine Match will recommend wines for your taste and budget to buy directly from wineries.


No intermediaries.
Choose your wine and buy directly from the wineries.

From climate change to competing against giant retailers, producing wine is a challenging art. Approximately 90% of wineries in Australia are small family businesses; that's why Wine Match connects you to buy directly from them.

No Wine Bull$#!t

We've cut off the pretentious wine vocabulary to make it friendly for anyone to explore different wines and tastes with no fear. So, people don't have to spend money, and more importantly, time on wines they won't enjoy.

Discover your preferences.

Every time you taste a wine guided by Wine Match, we help you discover your preferences, traits, and aromas that best suit your taste.


Our voice-controlled app will match your preferences with our database of wines and send you customised recommendations.


We are startup founders passionate about wine and technology. 

Like most wine lovers, we have learned about wine by going through many wrong choices and wasted money. We know how hard it is to find someone who will understand each unique person's wine preference. So we've decided to use voice technology to help people like us learn and explore the fascinating world of wine without going through the same rough paths. 

Because we believe there is always the perfect wine for each people taste. So, find out yours and have fun.

Glasses of wine

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